Now that I’m running for City Council, I get a lot of questions from many people. The one that has been surfacing lately is what am I going to do with all the traffic? As I was pondering that question, I noticed a man on a horse near King and Gentile.

He was riding up the road and seemed to being doing fine.

I then remembered the Dave Letterman top ten. So, I thought I’d make a list. So here goes.

Dave Thomas’ top 10 traffic problem solvers.

#10. Everybody get a horse. No need for stop lights, no need for lanes just go where you need to go and you’ll be fine.

#9 Put on a fit bit and walk or run to where you need to go.

#8 Odd people drive on odd hours and even people drive on even hours. Let me rephrase that. People with odd and even numbers on their driver’s license.

#7 Get a bicycle Cruiser with a basket on front. We have a gentleman in West Layton who gets around to everyone’s house to get a soda everyday using this method of transportation.

#6 Car pool, what a novel idea. Every day, 4 people plan their day so all could ride in one car.

#5 Have bus routes that would get everyone close to where they need to go.

#4 Go to a 3-day work week so you only drive every other day.

#3 Make all the Syracuse people pay a toll to use Layton streets. Now that may sound harsh, but these are only suggestions

#2 Make everyone use the front runner 10 times a month.

#1 Use patience. Traffic is not going to change, if anything, it will get worse. Enjoy the ride. Slap in some tunes that will mellow you out. Smile and find things that please you on your route. Smell the roses. Make it your time. Learn to relax so when you get home, you’re in a good mood.

As a council member I will try and do the best I can on traffic, but there are only so many roads and we keep growing by leaps and bounds. Thank you and see you next week.

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