A Helping Hand

Well it’s me again. This week it’s different. Elections will come and go and there will be winners and losers. It never changes.

Last night as I was working on some music. I came across some YouTube
videos about service men and women returning home after being gone for long
periods of time. Yes, these were set up at baseball, football and basketball
games. They were also set up at schools and town celebrations. After watching
one I couldn’t look away and watched the next 45 minutes of them.

Let’s just say it touched my heart, deeply. I had a dad who served in
Vietnam for a year. I was 15. I never thought of the danger he was in. It was like he was on vacation. I don’t know what it would have been like if he did not return. As I watched the reaction of the families, tears came to my eyes. I guess I never realized the impact that is had on families that have to go through that.

I write this not as a go watch the videos but to look around you. We live in a
military town. Many are employed at Hill Field and many are actually in the
service. It does not take a friendship to help people, all it takes are people who
care. Search out people who are separated by war and find a way to be a helping
hand. It doesn’t change much. Some are lonely and need a break.

I could go on and on but that’s not the message. The message is to help
those the really need it. When I think of what I have and what I can share I’m
embarrassed. Sorry for the story but suddenly there are more things that are real that need another person to care.

Thanks for reading. See you next week

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